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3 New rocker shaft systems grace the DVORAK MACHINE catalogue for 2004, covering all the Chrysler engines from the small block to the big block including the legendary Hemi(R).

Still available and updated are the following valve train components.

Rocker shafts, .250 wall thickness and INDUCTION HARDENED for 2004 instead of hardchrome. That enables the use of needle bearing rocker arms like Harlen Sharpe(R) which are hard on chrome. These shafts outlast and outperform ANY existing shaft and feature screw in plugs in the ends for easy cleaning, revised oiling and micro polished surface for frictionless operation. The stiffness is unparalleled, and can be fully torqued without fear of pinching the shafts and binding the rockers meaning that they can stand reduced clearance to the rocker arm without fear of seizing and galling. Available for the small block, big block and Hemi, CALL FOR PRICING

.250" wall Rocker Shafts

Hold downs for the rocker shafts are now available three ways in two different materials:

Steel hold downs “surround” the shaft about 120 degrees or about 1/3 the way around the shaft. That gives a nice target and surface area for the rocker to ride against and by it’s large radius, spreads the bolt clamping load around a greater area than stock hold downs. Available for Small Block and big block Chrysler engines PLEASE CALL FOR CURRENT PRICING

Steel Rocker Shaft Hold Downs

Aluminum hold downs made from 6061 T6 virgin aluminum come in two sizes for the big block, one surrounds the shaft 120 degrees like the steel hold downs, and come with a hardened shim package, hardened washers and grade 8 bolts. The hold downs are counter sunk to hold firm the washer and bolt. Complete kit for big and small block PLEASE CALL FOR CURRENT PRICING

Aluminum 6061 T6 Rocker Shaft Hold Down

The second stage in this series are the same as above except that the hold downs surround the shaft 210 degrees making for a perfect target for the rocker arms to ride on. THESE HOLD DOWNS MUST BE SLIPPED ON OVER THE SHAFT LIKE THE ROCKERS THEMSELVES. THEY WILL NOT LIFT STRAIGHT OFF. Complete kit with shims, bolts and washers. PLEASE CALL FOR CURRENT PRICING

Stage II - Aluminum 6061 T6 Rocker Shaft Hold Down

Rocker shaft spring eliminators: Anodized, replaces springs between rocker arms. THIS IS FOR SERIOUS PRECISION MACHINED ENGINES ONLY. With shims.

Rocker Shaft Spring Eliminators

ADJUSTABLE LOCKING RINGS for between rockers, allows fine adjustment between rocker arms to establish side clearance

Adjustable Locking Rings



ROCKER SHAFT SHIMS: Raise your shafts to correct geometry gone away from valve jobs, milling and custom O/S valves. Restore PRE-LOAD and correct scrub angle. Kit comes with 30 shims, 10 each of .020/.040 and .060. An absolute MUST for correcting anything modified. FLAT and Tapered shims available.


Adjustable shaft clamps


PUBLICATION:"VALVE TRAIN GEOMETRY FOR YOUR CHRYSLER ENGINE." A comprehensive guide to how it works, and how you can correct it!

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