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Dvorak's ESS™

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Dvorak Machine, name of a long string of history making Stock & Super Stock National Record Holders, is proud to announce the newest, most revolutionary product since the V-8 engine.

Dvorak's ESS™ is a desiccant filled plug which, when inserted into the header collectors and used as directed, will absorb the deadly vapors and fumes which initiate rust and corrosion in a precious performance engine.

Dvorak's ESS™
Dvorak's ESS™
Dvorak's ESS™

The process is called OSMOSIS. Water vapors (condensation) and fuel vapors moves from an area of greater concentration and pressure to an area of lesser concentration. An opening to the atmosphere reduces the movement toward ESS™. IT will still work, but not as effectively.

Each time your engine is shutoff, several exhaust valves remain open. Water and fuel vapor molecules condense on the cooling internals and destructive corrosion begins. The result id RUST! Nothing is spared. Some cylinders leave BOTH the intake and exhaust together, exposing intake and carburetor bases to destructive vapors. Fuel and water vapors settle and condense on the seats, valves, and cylinder walls, rings and plugs, wherever the piston comes to rest. The longer the time at rest, the greater the disintegration of metal parts. Even the rings rust and the lateral clearance is taken up by a layer of grit and decomposed iron particles. AND THAT'S THE GOOD NEWS!

The Bad news is that the engine eventually is fired. Engine damage is swift. The ring freezes in the piston for a time, then breaks loose and drags rust and grit up and down the walls and ring faces until washed away. The valve, pound flat the layer of rust left on the seats until the only seal they can achieve is valve on rust. IT NEVER WASHES AWAY! THE ENGINE IS CUTOFF - AND THE PROCESS BEGINS AGAIN!

Whether between rounds, races or seasons, the Dvorak's ESS™ will virtually eliminate all deterioration of vital engine components' performance including rings, valves, and cylinder walls.

Price $129

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