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Carburetor Synchronizer

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Carb SyncNew Multiple Carburetor Synchronizer - Anyone who has an engine with more than one carburetor can appreciate the necessity of this tool. No way, no how can a pair of carburetors be adjusted perfectly, balanced for optimum off idle response, by EAR. Can’t be done.

No matter WHO you are and how long you have adjusted carbs for idle quality, you have NEVER gotten it exact unless you used one of these babies. Invented by the side draft motorcycle crowd, we at DVORAK MACHINE have adapted it to be used for the many multi carb applications we face.

In line, tunnel ram, cross ram (especially cross ram) all will benefit from the exact precision of this tool. Easy as pie to use, complete with instructions, a 5 minute job. Must be repeated every time the carbs are removed. I will also include a few killer tips regarding this operation that will leave you wondering how the hell you got along without it for so long.

Don't tell anyone but our Ford and GM friends can also use this tool.

This device is simple. With the engine warmed up and running, disconnect the linkage to both carbs and place synchronizer over the air horn and read the piston in the glass tube. Go back and forth between carbs adjusting the idle screw until both carbs read the same then snap on the linkage being certain not to influence the idle screw.

The idle and response will be terrific, and the off idle will be something brand new to you.

Click here to download and view our detailed instructions

This device has been used for years on motorcycle carbs, and we adapted it for use on 5 1/8 neck carbs, Holley and Carter/Edelbrock. This tool will not fit some very early AFBs or Dominators. Complete instructions included.

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