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FINALLY a high tech rocker support kit for your 426 Hemi.

DVORAK MACHINE now has the last word in rocker arm supports, the first innovation in this area in 40 years. Now that Dan Dvorak has made the leap from the Max Wedge to the 426 Hemi in his race car, expect the new high tech products to come fast and furious. Hemi Rocker Stands
It has taken him many years to even have any desire to run the Hemi and had to wait this long for NHRA and IHRA to come up with something to his liking, a Hemi that he can run in a 1964 car in STOCK ELIMINATOR. “I just couldn’t quite see myself in a Challenger or a ‘Cuda. I was born and raised in the ’62-’64 cars and I will be buried in one.” he promised.

This support kit consists of 10 stands and all of the necessary hardware. Plenty of other support equipment is also available to round out the valve train but let’s look at the supports.

The first thing to notice is that once the rocker arm assembly is bolted through the cylinder head and into the block, the head never needs to be loosened up again to remove the rockers and rocker shafts. Stock units and even the new and late model expensive Mopar Performance stands require that you release torque on the head by removing the five LONG center cylinder head attaching bolts. The result is the UNCLAMPING of the head and almost certain compression, oil or coolant leak. If you have a Hemi you know how often rocker removal is necessary. If you have to remove the rockers with stock or stock type aftermarket stands, you MUST leak test the assembly before you fire the engine.

Not so with the new DVORAK MACHINE Hemi rocker support package. Made from 6061 T-6 premium virgin Aluminum and hard anodized, AND the head bolt hole is sleeved and protected from crush with “HEAD SAVERS”. Simply bolt them on as usual and then remove the shaft hold downs, similar to what is used on the 440 engines, to lift off the shaft and rockers as an assembly.

You can remove the intake shaft/rockers independent of the exhaust shaft/rockers and reinstallation is a breeze because there is always a position to rotate the engine in which all 4 intake valves (or all 4 exhaust valves on a given side) are closed or almost closed, making compressing the spring gentle and break proof. The supports are drilled and tapped for grade 8 3/8 studs, HD washers and 12 pt. nuts and the clamps are hardened steel that “surround” the shaft giving the rocker arm itself plenty of surface contact area to support the hard shims. All of the above mentioned hardware pieces are included with the kit. The simplicity of design and ease of use is outstanding, but there is much more.

NOT ONLY do you not have to loosen up the head to remove the rockers, the engineering design of the stands allow for improved rocker arm tip GEOMETRY in two important ways, correcting poor factory geometry and allowing for the changes and improvements that are necessary when building and blueprinting the incredible HEMI engine.

First, we raised the height that the shafts will stand by adding .060” of material to the bottom of the supports. Even the least invasive valve job and valve grind will benefit from the extra clearance but so many times, much more grinding is needed and done to establish necessary valve to piston clearance and valve to valve clearance.

As all of the components of the hemi are fine tuned and tweaked for best possible performance and fit, the geometry always suffers and will ultimately need to be addressed. Unfortunately until now there has been much too little that could be done about poor geometry, save butchering the valve tips and opening a new Pandora’s Box of trouble.

Second, raising the shafts will only correct part of the problem. As we all painfully know, as the valve moves into the head either by thinning or sinking, either on purpose or by correction, the tip of the valve moves AWAY from the tip of the rocker at the same time that it moves upward! SO, we moved the shafts OUTWARD toward the exhaust valves and the intake valves, yet another .060”! The final tip alignment, and contact area, or “scrub angle”, which makes the geometry with these movements built in into the stands, is nothing short of phenomenal, from stock to heavily modified. You will measure the difference, you will feel the difference and you will see the difference. You will also realize the difference in valve guide life, maximized lifts and best horsepower. Never before has so little yielded such dramatic results and the price for the whole kit is less than the factory replacement pieces.

RSSH-K Shaft Supports, studs, shaft surrounds, nuts and washers, hardened alignment shims

RSHI 2 intake shafts, .250” wall heavy shafts induction hardened, easy clean TM tapped holes with revised oiling to rocker arms.

RSHE 2 exhaust shafts, .250” wall heavy shaft, induction hardened, easy clean TM tapped holes with revised oiling to rocker arms.

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