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Available Fully Assembled

1/4 Hemi ® Visible

This exacting replica of the legendary 426 Hemi ® Sports over 300 clear, silver and chrome plated parts. You get all key details - including the crank-shaft and bearings, connecting rods and pistons, cam, cam bearings and push rods, valves, rocker arms, headers, intake manifold and valve covers. Push the button and they really work! The kit includes a motor* that moves the crankshaft, pistons, cam and valves - right through the rocker arms. It's noisy too! That's because we include a sound card of a real 426 Hemi ®.

So what’s the big deal about Dvorak selling and building Hemi engines you ask? Just this! This Dvorak is “Danny” Dvorak, age 11 and son of Dan Dvorak, 40 + years of award winning engines and master of the legendary 426 MoPar Hemi engine.

Upon the release of this newest product from Testor’s, Dan and Danny, father and son, have collaborated on the building of this extremely complex model. Rated for “experienced” model builders, and the complicated nature of the engine, the two have decided that there might be a market in selling COMPLETELY BUILT engines to their customers who just don’t have the time or temperament to complete such a project, but still want their very own working HEMI for their home or office.

Certainly the model engines will be available from DVORAK MACHINE for LESS than the suggested retail price ($69.95) and we will be taking orders for completely assembled models as well.

This will be the young man’s FIRST job and under the watchful eye of Dad, a college education fund will be started.

Model Kit at Dvorak Machines special price $49.95

Assembled and running 426 ¼ scale HEMI $199.95

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