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IN THE BEGINNING THERE WAS GOD. And God created man. And He gave to man His LAWS, and there were TEN. Through the millennium the centuries past that gave rise to Kings, and Popes and other kind of MEN who took Gods laws and interpreted, updated, transcribed and otherwise changed His laws to suit political and business ends, sometimes in the most unscrupulous manner. God' s law became fragmented and diluted. His original, simple blueprint for life became forever muddied and unclear, and man split into various factions losing all meaning of Gods original concept of Love, Honesty and Reverence. So it is unto this day.

In mans search and quest for Freedom and self-rule, eventually he split from his European oppressors and fled to this land, a new fledgling world. Armed with the desire to have and guarantee Justice and simple liberties for all mankind, our fore fathers set forth to write and establish a Bill of Rights and a Constitution of the United States. It was a short simple document that covered all areas of human existence. The centuries that followed have seen the amendments and interpretation of these Blueprints on freedom and life, consume hundreds of thousands of volumes, billions of man hours, contradictory language, tens of Trillions of dollars, lost lives, ruined citizens.and in the end, there is less justice than when it was conceived. There are those who are more equal than others, and mans civil laws are not applied the same to all men and women. The legal system is a disaster in this country. We imprison more people per capita than any other industrialized country. Our laws end up making criminals of us all.

Early last century, it was deemed necessary to collect a TAX on all income earned in the United States. The original laws that were passed and adopted were simple and straightforward. The entire tax code and laws governing it and its collection was a matter of a couple of hundred pages. It was not necessary to cheat, and it was most difficult. Everyone paid a fair share and the country flourished. Soon, a segment of the population that had the most power began to resist paying taxes and the tax code became a complex albatross of sections, schedules, exemptions, forms, restrictions and loop holes that favored some while imposing the burden of the tax on those who would not cheat or were not empowered to avoid tax liability. Today's tax code is a runaway locomotive. Billions of laws, regulations, publications and interpretations, and almost nobody fully understand the system. Fairness is a joke. A state of mind that is unattainable. And all most Americans can do is throw up their hands and complain. Those who insist on paying NOTHING will never embrace the simplicity of a percentage of income tax, or a federal sales tax.

So was it then as it is now. Grand, important ideas like God's law, equality for all men and financial support of our country FAIL in their original intent, because of our incessant tampering and "fixing" the message to suit today's political climate. Tampering until now there exist NO WAY to repair the damage and go back to the original intent of the Good Works. Absent a Great Flood, a Civil War or a complete collapse of the monetary system, these problems error, and compound until we CAUSE the collapse that will be required to UNDO the damage.

It is for these three stories of our history, that I will dedicate this portion of my life to the restructuring of our sport of Drag Racing. Stock Eliminator, specifically. The parallels of our situation in Stock to the above three segments of Man's history with complicated, uncontrollable extrapolation of simple concepts into mass frenzy, complex rule upon rule upon rule that ALWAYS result in polarization away from the original intent of it's beginnings.

So has it gone in Drag Racing's STOCK ELIMINATOR. The original intent was to keep this class STOCK. Stock is a relative term as it applies to this class and as compared to all other classes of racecars; it is the closest to STOCK (as produced by the factory and available to the general public) it is not really "stock" however. Even in it's earliest days in the 50's, racing tires (slicks), headers (racing exhaust system), boring, decking and "blue-printing". The proliferation of the rulebook continued into the 70's, where by that time the rules allowed 065" overbore, electric fans, deep pans and ANY piston.

Someone, somewhere decided at that time that Stock was going in the wrong direction, and it was converted into SUPER STOCK, and the numerous super stock classes were born. STOCK was RE-BORN, but went BACKWARDS, now requiring the original pistons, smaller bore, stock fan and STOCK oil pans.

It was a disaster. Racers who wanted to compete in STOCK ELIMINATOR were now thrust, force fed into the gigantic machine known as Super Stock, along with its' additional requirements and allowances, and the cost of competing was staggering. But it was too late to go back. Who had stock bore blocks and unmodified oil pans? Many racers at that time QUIT! The rest changed, either backwards to conform to the "new" STOCK rule-book, virtually starting all over again and discarding thousands of dollars of fine equipment and others to the wallet emptying clutches of SUPER STOCK racing. We cannot go through that again.

But here we are. And it's far worse than it EVER was.

The Thirty years that followed the DISMANTLING of Stock Eliminator, and its re-definition, have brought us to today, when the advances of the sixties that precipitated the propulsion of Stock eliminator into Super Stock PALE in comparison to the current situation. We have now DEVOLVED into modifications such as Fuel cells, wheelie bars, unlimited camshafts, aftermarket pistons, valves, ceramics, aftermarket transmissions, manifolds and cylinder heads. In addition and MUCH worse are the inability and/or refusal of the technical department to render an OPINION regarding cylinder heads and manifolds, as to whether or not they have undergone twenty-first century modifications and cover-up. (A difficult proposition at best) The threat of legal action serves to act as a restraint on accurate technical inspections, but in any case, the proliferation of NON-FACTORY aftermarket cylinder heads and manifolds in "stock" with off the wall castings, "newly found" specs and the age old quest to profit, make tech inspection on cylinder heads a moot point.


A few of us have been advocating the formation of a NEW STOCK ELIMINATOR for the twenty-first century. The direction will be forward and not backward, and the eliminator can be saved and preserved forever. The rules will be known and understood by all (even WITHOUT a rulebook) and the certification will be objective instead of subjective. Tech will be short, simple fair and consistent. There will be nothing a racer can do that is contrary to the specifications that can't be discovered easily, and all racers will have the same opportunities to shine in the sun. Ultimately, the NEW WAY will be less expensive and emphasis can be placed on racing and performance rather than finding a back door to the rulebook. The basic PREMISE is easy to understand and is not subject to interpretation from Kings, Popes or Lawyers, and in the end, IT IS THE ONLY WAY!


STOCK ELIMINATOR will be comprised of certain year span of cars that have "horsepower to weight" factors established by the factory with an "assist" from NHRA. The rules that govern these cars WILL BE LIMITED to certain "spec" items that have established specifications as reported by the manufacturer and NHRA. These "tech" items will be limited to:

Tire Size
Bore and Stroke
Cam Lift
Valve Diameter
Carb make and Throttle bore size
Piston configuration and dome (dish) height (depth)
Deck height
Head gasket thickness
Combustion chamber volume Cylinder head
Iintake manifold casting number

If it is difficult to check, requires an opinion or does not have a specific FACTORY SUPPLIED specification, it is NOT checked. There will NEVER be any need to remove the oil pan since things like rods and crankshaft will not be "spec" items. Instruments (currently in use by all sanctioning bodies) will be the FINAL determination of legality. No appeal, no opinion and no lawsuits because as a condition of entry is the agreement of the racer to abide by the measurements taken on the "spec" items. Any quarrel with the specifications and their accuracy will be done BEFORE racing and all NHRA/FACTORY specifications are published and available to any racer upon request as it is done today for correction as necessary.

What we will have in the end, is a modernized and streamlined eliminator for the twenty-first century. Featuring easy and consistent technical inspections and the elimination of cheating and suspicion that currently pervades Stock Eliminator racing, bringing back the appreciation of excellence. We will take the "opinions" out of the loop and leaves us to squeeze what we can out of the specifications provided without having to cover it up or worry about someone's interpretation. It will de-criminalize current modified parts and resurrect old parts. And whether or not it levels the playing field will be immaterial; we will have created the POTENTIAL for a level playing field and that's all anyone can ever hope for. It is a win-win situation for both the sanctioning body and the racer, and most of all, we will be able to get on with the business, performance and enjoyment of STOCK ELIMINATOR drag racing.

I urge all those interested persons to lobby their division directors, fellow racers and anyone else that would have some input or discretion in these matters.

Dan Dvorak A/SA AA/SA SS/DA 2100

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